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Dr Nina Navakumar, an accomplished medical professional, specializes in High-Risk Pregnancy and Fetal Medicine. With extensive qualifications, including DNB (OBG), F.N.B (High-Risk Pregnancy & Perinatology), and MRCOG (UK), she demonstrates exceptional dedication to maternal and fetal healthcare.

Her career spans across diverse settings, showcasing her expertise in managing complex cases. Dr Nina’s skills encompass a wide array of specialties, from medical disorders to obstetric emergencies, demonstrating proficiency in both normal and high-risk deliveries, operative procedures, and critical care.

With an extensive academic journey and clinical experience at renowned institutions like Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences and Fernandez Hospitals, she has consistently excelled. Additionally, she holds certifications from Fetal Medicine Foundation and RCOG, contributing to her comprehensive expertise.

An adept educator and presenter, Dr Nina’s contributions include organizing conferences, moderating presentations, and conducting workshops. She has shared her knowledge through research publications and presented at various international conferences, affirming her commitment to advancing the field.

As a Senior Clinical Fellow in Maternal and Fetal Medicine at Princess Anne Hospital, UK, and pursuing a Professional Masters degree in Clinical Genetics, Dr. Nina Navakumar remains at the forefront of medical innovation and patient-centric care.

StudyHRO is privileged to have Dr Nina Navakumar as a mentor. Her academic excellence and commitment will help the aspirants.


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