MRCOG Part 1 – Big Mock (Jul 2024 Exams)

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MRCOG Part 1 – Big Mock (Jul 2024 Exams)


An exclusive high yielding product for July exam going candidates designed based on high yielding and most chosen questions for exams. The product covers all the modules and gives you the best mock exam experience for MRCOG Part 1.

  • The Product Contains 1000 SBAs
  • The product is designed paper wise just like RCOG exams.
  • Paper A – 500 SBA & Paper B 500 EMQ
  • Each paper is designed based on the actual exam weightages of modules.
  • All the questions have clear explanations and also image references wherever required.
  • Students can attempt any number of mock exams without any restrictions.
  • Product Validity – 1 Month Subscription


Remarks: TAX is Applicable for All the Courses & Products

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