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StudyMEDIC- the pioneer in medical education, established in the year 2016, with a mission to revolutionize medical education by integrating quality mentoring with advanced technologies, envisioning better clinicians all over the globe.

StudyMRCOG, the sister concern of StudyMEDIC, upholds the same reliability as its parent brand. Our esteemed panel of MRCOG UK qualified experts will guide you on the right path to ensure you build your dream career as a recognized physician in the UK.


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StudyMRCOG, the leading brand in premier medical education, provides best preparatory courses for MRCOG Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 aspirants. Explore our range of courses that guide you in the journey of becoming a proud RCOG member.

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A complete medical education learning app, available on both Android and iOS devices, providing you an amazing opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere.

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I highly recommend to take the 2 days Live Circuit in Dubai, It is an excellent opportunity for any candidate preparing for the MRCOG Part 3 exam. The Circuit offers a chance to practice 14 mock clinical scenarios written by UK Consultants in the first day, and listen to another 14 mock clinical scenarios in the second day while you come as a copatient with your examining colleague, it was very similar to the exam. The circuit include helpful workshop and designed to cover all critical areas and challenging topics of the MRCOG Part 3 exam, and provides me with valuable feedback which help me and many other candidates to gain confidence and knowledge to succeed in the exam.

Dr. Noura Mogtaba
MRCOG Part 3

My journey started with StudyMEDIC since my MRCOG part 2 time. with your help and support I could clear it on first attempt itself. Then journey continued as i strongly trusted StudyMEDIC. Succeeded again in part 3 on first attempt. I thank all the members and mentors of StudyMEDIC for my huge success.

Dr. Baby Sherin
MRCOG Part 3

I thank the entire StudyMRCOG group for the offline mock that was an eye opener. I learnt a lot from the mock and study strategy was improvised.

Dr. Neha Ain
MRCOG Part 3

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude and to convey my heartfelt thanks to you. As with very difficulty i cleared the MRCOG Part 3 examination, and I am thrilled to have this milestone in my career. I met this group at end of my jouney during circuit course face to face. They are very helpful, supportive and course was very helpful like real exam. Mentors support,
encouragement, and faith in my abilities have played a significant role in my achievement. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless. Must appreciation.

Dr. Ambia Ahmed
MRCOG Part 3

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to StudyMEDIC for being with me, holding my hand and taking me through this success. I take this oppurtunity to extend my sincere thanks to all my mentors for putting up with all my silly doubts and
the timely feedback. Dr. Sowmya was always ever approachable and her energy and inspiring words were always a source of motivation and an impetus to push ourself. During this journey of MRCOG part 2 and 3 – the time that I have been associated with StudyMEDIC. StudyMEDIC has come to be like another family to me. I also take this a chance to tell the ease it was to communicate with the backend and technical team. All of them were so friendly and soft spoken and not once could I feel any hesitation or frustration in helping me out. Both the online and live mock circuit helped a lot before the exam. The live circuit was indeed a replica of the the real exam. For any colleague going for part 3 exam I would say this is a MUST TAKE before the exam. Words would not be enough to express my thanks and gratitude to StudyMEDIC. Thank you all.

Dr. Keerthana K
MRCOG Part 3

Thanks Dr. Sowmya and your team for guidance to face exam

Dr. Hamydh Awad
MRCOG Part 3

Thank you so much for your help and support

Dr. Huda Hamouda
MRCOG Part 3

I Would like to thank Dr. Sowmya and her amazing team. Without them my success would of been late but they made possible. Highly recommend course and mainly the the 2 days live circuit MOCK was really beneficial and not usual. Thanks again Dr. Sowmya.

Dr. Manahil Hassan
MRCOG Part 3

I thank all the members of the StudyMEDIC team, all the mentors and the non teaching staff for all the help and support without which I couldn’t have passed MRCOG. Heartfelt gratitude to each one of them. Thanks a lot.

Dr. Amrutha M
MRCOG Part 3

I would like to thank StudyMEDIC, the whole team and the wonderful mentors who have supported me throughout. Their constant efforts and motivation will encourage you to work harder and harder. A very special thanks to Dr. Sowmya ma’am who is a constant source of inspiration, her commitment, daily practice sessions and brain storming will not only make you clear the exam but also give confidence to handle anything. I can’t thank enough to StudyMEDIC and I would recommend it to every MRCOG candidate.

Dr. Neha Bansal
MRCOG Part 3

A very big thanks to you Dr. Sowmya ma’am, for all your efforts, constant encouragement, you always push us to get better everyday with random sessions. You wish the best for everyone.. Which is amazing You will be a constant source of inspiration for us, even after this and many many thanks to all the mentors Dr. Aysha Ashraf ma’am, Dr. Priyadarshini ma’am, Dr. Priti
Anand ma’am, Dr. Rhythm ma’am, Dr. Deepeka T S ma’am, Dr. Dhavashree ma’am, Dr. Devika ma’am, Dr. Meghna nayak ma’am. This wouldn’t have been possible without all of your constant support and guidance.

Dr. Sushma Munnam
MRCOG Part 3
Dr. Maysa Gwhar
MRCOG Part 3
Dr. Abdalla Babiker
MRCOG Part 3
Dr. Maria Khalid
MRCOG Part 3
Ambia Ahmed
MRCOG Part 3
Dr. Faiza Nawaz
MRCOG Part 3

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