MRCOG Part 3 – Group Circuit Course

Are you ready to experience the real RCOG virtual exam? Then StudyMRCOG delivers it for you. Feel the real heat. Real exam format with real inclusion and participation of examiners, lay examiner, and role player. Mentors from NHS U.K is acting as examiners to give you prompt and precise feedbacks. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to face real exam scenarios. “LEARN WITH MASTERS”

Course Features

Our Course Library Features

  • Exclusive course library with LMS integration
  • Access to exclusive case templates and its podcasts
  • Access to PIL summary and its podcasts
  • Flashcards structured module wise
  • Flash videos structured module wise
  • Preparatory Videos – 50+ Hours
  • Unique features such as Free library, Flagging, Reporting, Notes, performance management and much more
  • Course Library now accessible through our Mobile App as well


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