MRCOG Part 3 Exam; Live Circuit Courses to Give an Extra Edge to Candidates, here is how? A sneak peak of its advantages and benefits

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  • BY btle_admin - 29th Mar 2023

MRCOG Part 3 Exam; Live Circuit Courses to Give an Extra Edge to Candidates, here is how? A sneak peak of its advantages and benefits

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StudyMEDIC has announced a series of live circuit courses for MRCOG Part 3 in India and Pakistan, exclusively targeting the candidates of May 2023 exam. The live circuit courses are expected to give an extra edge to the students taking the face-to-face mode of exam.

The face-to-face mode of exam is different from the remote mode of exam. Hence, one needs better preparation to come up successful.

For any exam, practice remains the key to success and it remains the same for MRCOG Part 3 as well. Here comes the priority of our live circuit course. It gives you an exact platform for the candidates to practice and prepare well for the exam.

Advantages and Benefits of Live Circuit Courses?

The following advantages and benefits will tell you why you should join the live circuit courses.

  • Opportunity to participate in 2 Complete Circuits (28 Stations – 14 as active and 14 as passive)
  • 14 Examiners, Role Players and 4 Lay Examiners to monitor your performance and give you feedback.
  • Feedback given at the end of every station by each examiner.
  • Final feedback by all 14 examiners at the end of each circuit.
  • Participate in all the exam-tested and high yielding stations only.
  • Exclusive and dedicated workshops on Labour Ward Prioritization, Communication Skills, UK Forms, etc.
  • 100% Replicates the latest remote exam pattern as per RCOG guidelines.
  • Rare opportunity to practice all obstetrics and gynaecology procedures with mannequins.

Dates and Venues

StudyMEDIC has announced MRCOG part 3 live circuit courses in multiple locations like Mumbai and Cochin in India and at Lahore in Pakistan.

Location – Dates – Venue

  • Mumbai – 15 & 16 APRIL 2023 – Nanavati Max Hospital, Mumbai.
MRCOG Part 3 live circuit courses
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Cochin – 22 & 23 April 2023 – StudyMEDIC Training Centre, Palarivattom, Cochin.

MRCOG Part 3 live circuit courses - Kochi
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Lahore-Pakistan   29 & 30 April -Evercare Hospital, Lahore.

2 Days Live Circuit Course - Lahore in Pakistan
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Why do we need to join live circuit courses?

MRCOG is a globally recognized qualification that opens up numerous career opportunities for aspirants. Passing this examination is a crucial and challenging task for many of them. Through these live circuit courses, StudyMEDIC is helping the aspirants have a comprehensive understanding of the exam format and structure with the help of examiners and role players.

This two-day live circuit course is designed to simulate the real exam experience, providing candidates with an opportunity to practice their clinical skills and communication abilities in a real-like exam environment.

In the year 2022, StudyMEDIC conducted live circuit courses for MRCOG Part 3 in UAE and India. The courses were huge success and students had great appreciation for the same. With the new bunch of live circuit courses, the company aims to repeat the same legacy of success.

Are you preparing for MRCOG Part 3 exam? Connect with StudyMEDIC for a free counselling.

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