MRCOG Part 1 – 5+ Months Course

MRCOG Part 1 5+ Months Course is the new branded course embracing the latest technologies which includes dedicated Learning Management System Support for individual user to streamline a slow and structured learning process. The other finest feature is the exclusive mobile app support where you can access the course library through the FIRST AND BEST StudyMRCOG Mobile App. SHAPE YOUR EDUCATION WITH StudyMRCOG. We make your learning simpler and smarter…

Course Features

Our Course Library Features

  • Exclusive course library with LMS integration
  • Access to summaries on all important topics structured module wise.
  • Exclusive Question bank with 600+ SBAs with explanations and references
  • Preparatory Videos – 50+ Hours
  • Unique features such as Free library, Flagging, Reporting, Notes, performance management and much more.
  • Course Library now accessible through our Mobile App as well

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