MRCOG Part 1 & 2 JAN 2024 Exam Results To Be Announced Soon; Important Things to Take Note

Sat 02, 2024
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The Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (RCOG) has informed that the results of MRCOG Part 1 & Part 2 exams held in January this year will be out soon. As per the official notification from RCOG, the results of both MRCOG Part 1 and Part 2 exams will be announced by Tuesday, 13 February 2024.
The exams were conducted on 16th & 17th of January 2024. Here, we will help you with comprehensive guidance on how to check your results and what’s the next step.

How to check your results?
Usually, RCOG announces MRCOG Part 1 and Part 2 results within a time span of six weeks. Once the results are declared, RCOG will directly email the exam results to passed candidates through their registered email IDs. The results will also be available in the exam hub of the official RCOG website. Results on the hub will include details like pass mark, score, and pass/fail etc

How to apply for Revaluation?
Candidates can apply for the revaluation of exam results through the official RCOG website. However, the aspirants must ensure that they submit their appeals within the specified time period. Any appeal submitted after the deadline will not be reviewed unless there are highly extenuating circumstances.

What’s Next?
After successfully completing the MRCOG Part 1 exam, the candidates are eligible to apply for the MRCOG Part 2 exam. Similarly, after the first two steps of MRCOG examination, one can apply for MRCOG Part 3.
Since MRCOG is a three-part exam, the only certification that the candidate receives after completing parts 1 and 2 is the part 1 or part 2 pass letter. The final certificate will only be issued after the completion of the first three parts.
Are you waiting for MRCOG Part 1 & Part 2 results? Our team of experts can guide you in checking the results.

By : Athira S R

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