RCOG Announces Results of MRCOG Part 3 May 2023 Exam

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) has announced the results of the MRCOG Part 3 May 2023 examination. Candidates will receive their individual results through direct mail from the RCOG Examination Department to their registered email addresses.

Students of StudyMRCOG have achieved an impressive pass rate of over 90%, giving the organization even more reasons to be proud. This outstanding success further highlights the dedication and hard work exhibited by the students.

The MRCOG Part 3 examination is renowned for its competitiveness and serves as an assessment of the clinical and communication skills of aspiring obstetricians and gynaecologists. Held twice a year, the exam attracts participants from all around the globe.

Passing the MRCOG Part 3 exam is a significant milestone on the path to becoming a consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology. It requires not only extensive knowledge but also exceptional clinical and communication skills.

The success achieved by the students in the MRCOG Part 3 May 2023 examination is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the valuable resources provided by StudyMEDIC OSCE App and the exposure received with LIVE Courses.

“Passing MRCOG in first attempt was a dream which has come true for me and without StudyMEDIC would not have been possible at all” says Dr Sadiya Palekar.

It is a proud moment for both the candidates and the organization, as they continue to excel in their journey towards becoming accomplished obstetricians and gynaecologists

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MRCOG Part 3

StudyMEDIC Collaborates with Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences to Host MRCOG Part 3 Live Circuit Course in Cochin, Kerala

StudyMEDIC will conduct a live circuit course for MRCOG Part 3 in Cochin with the support of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences.

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences will join hands with StudyMEDIC to host a live circuit course in cochin for MRCOG Part 3, targeting to help those students appearing for May 2023 exam. Designed to provide aspirants with an extra edge in the MRCOG Part 3 May 2023 examination, the two-day program will take place on 22 and 23 April 2023.

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and healthcare services. It is one of the most prominent hospitals in the country. “We are excited to partner with Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences to deliver the Part 3 MRCOG Live Circuit Course in Kochi,” says Dr. Sowmya NS, Co-founder and COO of StudyMEDIC.

The live course covers all the essential topics as per RCOG syllabus. Additionally, it enhances the aspirants’ knowledge and communication skills. Led by an eminent faculty comprising of RCOG examiners and experts who will serve as examiners and role players, the circuit course offers a rare opportunity for aspirants to have a real-like face-to-face exam experience.

What awaits you in Cochin?

  • Opportunity to participate in 2 Complete Circuits (28 Stations – 14 as active and 14 as passive).
  • 14 Examiners, Role Players and 4 Lay Examiners to monitor your performance and give you feedback.
  • Feedback given at the end of every station by each examiner.
  • Final feedback by all 14 examiners at the end of each circuit.
  • Participate in all the exam-tested and high yielding stations only.
  • Exclusive and dedicated workshops on Labour Ward Prioritization, Communication Skills, UK Forms, etc.
  • 100% Replication of the latest remote exam pattern as per RCOG guidelines.
  • Rare opportunity to practice all obstetrics and gynaecology procedures with mannequins.
MRCOG Part 3 Live Circuit Course at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Cochin, Kerala.

Live Circuit Courses remain the best options for MRCOG Part 3 students to prepare for face-to-face mode of exam.

This is the second set in the Live Circuit Course series in 2023. The first set of live circuit courses held at Nanavati Max Hospital, Mumbai on 15 and 16 April 2023 received very positive responses from students. Eminent personalities like Dr Reena J Wani, Dr Dhavasree and various others along with Dr Sowmya NS led the sessions.

In the previous year, StudyMEDIC conducted live circuit courses for MRCOG Part 3 in the UAE and India, and it was a big success. The course will provide aspirants with a comprehensive understanding of the exam format and structure.

Apart from Cochin, the company announced one-day and two-day circuits in different locations. StudyMEDIC aims to continue its legacy of success with the new series of live circuit courses.

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MRCOG Part 3

Nanavati Max Hospital Joins Hands with StudyMRCOG to Host MRCOG Part 3 Live Circuit Course in Mumbai

Nanavati Max Hospital will join hands with StudyMRCOG to host MRCOG Part 3 Live Circuit Course in Mumbai, India.

Nanavati Max Hospital will join hands with StudyMRCOG to host MRCOG Part 3 Live Circuit Course in Mumbai, India. This two-day program will take place on the 15th and 16th of April 2023. The live circuit course will provide candidates with a rare chance to train with RCOG examiners and role players. Candidates get a real feel of the actual face-to-face mode of the MRCOG Part 3 exam.

StudyMEDIC, a leading medical education provider, is organizing the live circuit course series for MRCOG Part 3 with the objective to help candidates prepare for the upcoming Part 3 MRCOG exams in May 2023.

These courses not only cover all exam essential topics in the MRCOG Part 3 exam syllabus but also contains exclusive workshops on time management, communication skills, and UK form filling. The course primarily will help those who will take the exam in centers across India.

In Full Compliance with the RCOG Exam Pattern!

The live circuit courses are arranged in the exact format of the MRCOG Part 3 face-to-face mode of exam. RCOG examiners and other eminent faculties who have cleared the MRCOG exams will lead the circuits, providing candidates with an opportunity to experience a real-life face-to-face exam.

In Four Cities Across India

The organization has announced live circuit courses in five major cities across India and Pakistan. With two two-day live circuits in Kochi and Mumbai and one-day circuits in Bengaluru and Chennai.

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In 2022, StudyMEDIC conducted a set of Live circuit courses in UAE and India. Both the courses received very positive responses from the students as they testified that these courses paved the way for finding success in their exams.

With the live circuit courses, StudyMEDIC ensures its prominence in the premier medical education segment. The company has opened the registrations for the courses; however, the seats are limited. If you are heading to take the face-to-face exam, then do not miss the chance to join these courses and enjoy a real-life exam experience.

MRCOG Part 3

MRCOG Part 3 Exam Second Booking for May 2023 Exam Closes on March 13: Most Useful Tips and tricks for Students to Follow

As the Booking for MRCOG Part 3 May 2023 Exam ends on 13th of March 2023, here are some useful tips for you from Dr Sowmya NS.

MRCOG Part 3 for May 2023 examination, priority booking window opens on Thursday, 2 March 2023 and closes on Monday – 6 March 2023. Further more the second window will be opening on 9 March 2023 and closes on 13 March 2023.

Here are some of the most useful exams booking tips and tricks for students to get a slot in the exam.

Keep your mails open

First and foremost, thing is to keep yourself logged in to your registered mail ID. If you are in the habit of logging out your mail all the time, please ensure that you are logged in .

Know your Time Zones

Exam bookings open at 9:00AM UK time. So, you need to know your country’s time zone and act accordingly.

Avoid multiple opening of booking link

Either you can click directly on to the unique booking link you get in your registered mail id or copy and paste it in a web browser like Google chrome. But you should completely avoid opening the booking link in more than one browser. This will result in error making.

Click and book your slot

Once you click on to the booking link, it will take you to the official RCOG website where you should enter your RCOG registered email ID. Once it is done, the booking slots would open and click on to the first slot that appears on the screen. After that, click on to the NEXT button you find to the right-hand side of the window to move further.

Confirm Payment details

While entering the card details, make sure the correct card holders name, address and CVV number is entered. Once it is done correctly, submit your details and will receive a confirmation from RCOG for your successful completion of procedures.

Dos and don’ts while booking the slot?

Ensure good internet connection

Majority of the time the site crashes due to heavy traffic. Lots of people apply simultaneously. Hence, you need to make sure you have good internet connection.

Be Patient and don’t panic

Since many people entering the website at the same time, the website may hangs on loading. So, clicking on to the link repeatedly would result in opening up of multiple windows which result in error. Therefore, you need to wait patiently for the website to respond.

Have a tech savvy person in case of assistance required

Emergency may occur at times. Hence it is advisable to have a techy savvy person in hand for right time assistance

Use International credit cards for payment

Using International credit cards or debit cards is more appropriate as the processing time is less. Even if is not the case, check with your bank and ensure there is enough limit within the credit card for the transaction to take place.

Have doubts?

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