StudyMEDIC Announces Live Circuit Courses for MRCOG Part 3 May 2023 Exam Candidates; Here Are the Locations

2 Days Live Circuit Course - Lahore in Pakistan
Two Days Live Circuit Courses
  • Course Duration – 2 Days
  • Date : TBC
  • Venue : Lahore
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One Day Live Circuit Courses

One-Day Live Circuit Courses respectively in major cities like Bengaluru and Chennai.

1 Day Live Circuit Course – Bangalore

• Course Duration – 1 Day

• Date – 30 April 2023

• Venue – TBC

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MRCOG P3 1 Day Live Circuit Course - Bangalore

MRCOG P3 1 Day Live Circuit Course - Chennai

1 Day Live Circuit Course – Chennai

• Course Duration – 1 Day

• Venue – TBC

• Date – 6 May 2023

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Fully Remote Circuit Courses

Along with the Live Circuit Courses, we are also conducting a couple of fully remote circuit courses to ease Part 3 MRCOG Exam preparation. These fully remote circuit courses also follow the same pattern of the Live circuit (onsite) courses.

One of the courses will be two days and one will be a single day program. The only difference is that they are conducted using StudyMEDIC OSCE App which resembles the exact exam pattern.

The dates of the online fully remote circuit courses are as follows.

• 2 Days Fully Remote Circuit Course – 8 & 9 April 2023

• 1 Day Fully Remote Circuit Course – 23 April 2023

2 Days Fully Remote Circuit Course – 8 & 9 April 2023

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2 Days Fully Remote Circuit Course 8 & 9 April 2023 Register Now

One Day Fully Remote Circuit Course press release 23 April 2023 Register Now

1 Day Fully Remote Circuit Course – 23 April 2023

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MRCOG-Part-3-1-day-domain-workshop 1 May 2023

As mentioned above, StudyMEDIC has received very positive response from all who attended our course. Here are a few statements of appreciation from our students. Watch the videos.


Benefits of MRCOG

The Membership of Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, an internationally renowned membership for OB GYNs across the globe, comes with a number of benefits including advancement in one’s medical career. Here we just discuss some of the prime benefits of MRCOG.


Who would not like to possess an Internationally recognized membership that opens the gateway to achieving the peak of the medical profession and progression? MRCOG offers a globally recognized allowance for medical practice and career.

Before one dreams or wonders why MRCOG, it is to ascertain that this qualification is a check of clinical competence as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, a yardstick, appreciated worldwide.

MRCOG adds wings to medical professionals as it enhances your credibility and reliability amongst nations having their own fellowship and membership exams. MRCOG allows you to measure your competence and levels required to practice globally. It is an embossment that your qualification is standardized.

The knowledge level of RCOG is similar globally. This exam is the test of perception of its standards and how this cognition is applied in the United Kingdom’s national healthcare system- NHS, UK.

MRCOG will assist you in having better insights into evidence-based practices. You can implement these practices all around the globe, making advances in your career at a senior level.

As a medical professional, you would like to be trusted by your patients and make progression in your career with international recognition.

Why Reluctance?

Many of us consider MRCOG as a difficult exam to pass and hence are reluctant to take the test, but it is also true that some professionals achieve this feat too. Now the question arises what must be required to pass the examination? Of course, this is a test of your attitude, in-depth hands of practical experience, clinical skills, and subject grip.

How to Overcome Reluctance?

One must remember that if we want to be in the league of membership holders, we must have sheer grit, commitment, and optimism. One must prioritize the objective of achieving the MRCOG platform.

Prepare as if you wish to serve your patients with updated practices, honed skills, and faith.

Benefits of MRCOG

Naturally, you have chosen to be an obstetrician and gynaecologist to empower women with better medical care and contribute to healthy nation-building. MRCOG opens your doors to become renowned gynaecologists in the United Kingdom and other countries. Some of the prime advantages of MRCOG include the following.

  • 1. Evidence-based practice.
  • 2. Superior patient care.
  • 3. Prudent practices.
  • 4. Modernized Knowledge.
  • 5. Quality career progression.

With an RCOG membership, one gets updated with the latest and distinctive O&G publications based on the latest research. It comes with the added advantage of expert assistance and booking training courses. For this, you need to renew your membership.

MRCOG is a benchmark and an evaluation of your clinical skills and competence. It is also the most trusted and prestigious of its kind. Having RCOG means it is the point of reference to refine and a gauge for qualification standards in many countries. As it is of high standards, those already working as Ob Gynae can assess their knowledge at the global level and suffix MRCOG to their names.